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Specific Interventions

Archiving and destruction of confidential documents PSF
Express Services S.A.R.L. is the only cleaning company in its complete entity to be approved PSF (Financial Industry) - Customer Communications Officer. Our staff is trained in the handling of confidential documents, the importance of the confidentiality clause and professional secrecy. 
  Transport de documents confidentiels
 Archivage de documents confidentiels
Destruction de documents confidentiels
Catering, Inhouse Logistics Home Service
Home service. A "Catering" service team to help organize receptions or parties. Management of your buildings internal services such as mail, concierge, reception, management of your supplies ... 
  Inhouse Logistique
 Nous sommes constamment à votre écoute et à votre disposition en vous proposant des services de qualités
Facility Management
The 1 + 1 = 1 formula determines the close relationship and the sense of partnership between Express Services Ltd. and its customers. 
  Facility Management par nettoyage
Maintenance of green spaces
Caring for your green space. Cutting, pruning, advice, planting, nothing is unknown to us. 
  Entretiens d’espaces verts
Snow Removal
9 teams continuously 24 / 24h, 7 days out of 7. 
cleaning facades
We clean all types of facades (metal facades, roofs ...). Ecological process with deionized water 
  Nettoyage et entretien de tous types de façades
 Procédés innovants et écologiques
Cleaning parking lots, cleaning all types of floors
Indoor and outdoor parking. Cleaning all types of floors. Curtain cleaning (ultrasonic machine). 
Nettoyage parkings
Nettoyage tous types de sols
Integrated Cleaning by Express
Specific and special trolleys outfits 
Nous pouvons vous proposer un concept qui réduit vos coûts tout en augmentant la qualité.
Cleaning public transport
Rail Cleaning 
  Entretien intérieur et extérieur de wagons et de locomotives