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ISO 9001: 2008 ISO 9001: 2008 certification is a guarantee of quality for our customers and for us. The certification requires a rigorous quality control system and compliance with quality objectives undertaken by the company. For this, we focus on: • internal communication, • the implementation and compliance processes, • training our workers. ISO 14001: 2004 ISO 14001: 2004 certification is a guarantee of respect for the environment. At a time when global warming is a hot topic in the news, we feel sensitive to environmental preservation. Thus, we use: • biodegradable products, • favorable cleaning process to respect the environment. PSF - Customer Communications Officer The PSF (Financial Sector Professionals) - Customer Communications Officer - particularly affects archival work and destruction of confidential documents in the financial sector. With this approval, our entire company is alone to bear the responsibility for the confidentiality of documents handled by our workers. In this way is established a relationship of trust between us and our customers. ISO 9001: 2008 It is an international standard that defines the requirements for a quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction and improve the functioning of the company. In this way we emphasize: • improving the quality of services • a real confidence of confidence with respect to customers. • the establishment of a dynamic communication